With the Busy But Thriving eCookbook, there's no need to spend hours looking for recipes, planning meals, and making shopping lists.

You'll have over 100 recipes with 2 weeks of sample meal plans and shopping lists to help you get started!

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So many people want to eat healthier, want to learn how to put healthy meals together, but are too busy to spend a ton of time researching and cooking.


Others eat healthy foods now but are bored with their food and need inspiration. 


Wish someone would do a little planning for you - including the shopping list - so you can just get started?

110 healthy recipes with full page photos.
Color coded headers make it easy to find the 58 plant-based recipes.
The Table of Contents is “clickable” so you don't have to scroll to get to a recipe.
Each recipe will have icons to easily identify them as gluten free, low carb, high protein, dairy free, vegetarian, or contains nuts.
Includes 46 recipes labeled as meal prep/freezer friendly.
Each recipe also has macros listed for a serving and a MyFitnessPal barcode to make logging fast and easy!

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FAQs About Busy But Thriving eCookbook

What is an eCookbook?

Busy But Thriving is an interactive PDF you download and save or choose to read online. The Table of Contents page numbers are linked to the recipes. There are meal plans provided, but one blank one set up that you can type into as well. Please make sure you know how to download, save, and access a PDF file on your device before you purchase any PDF digital download product.

How can I customize my meal plans?

There is a blank meal plan template you can type directly into it if your computer has that capability. Otherwise you can print that page and write on it.  Watch the video and I'll show you what that looks like. If you prefer paper/pencil, simply print the blank template.

What is a “clickable” Table of Contents?

The Table of Contents has links to each recipe. There is a blank meal plan template you can type into to customize. Same for the blank shopping list. If you prefer paper/pencil, simply print the blank templates.

How will this help me lose weight?

You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat and that means you need eat a little less than you burn. This eCookbook is set up to make the tracking a little easier. Calorie and macro information is provided on each recipe. And if you use MyFitnessPal – it’s even easier!  That MyFitnessPal barcode on each recipe makes tracking super easy!

How can I tell if a recipe is gluten free, dairy free, has nuts, etc.?

Each recipe is coded with icons identifying it as gluten free, dairy free, low carb, freezer friendly, vegetarian, quick prep, and/or contains nuts.

What if I don't have a lot of time to food prep?

Search for the "Q" code, for "Quick". That's the total time for prep and cooking. However, 96 of the 110 recipes have a prep time listed that is 15 minutes or less!  There are also 46 recipes that are coded as “meal prep/freezer friendly”, so look for those, too!

Is there a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase. Please make sure you know how to download, save, and access a PDF file on your device before you purchase. If something goes wrong when you try to save it on your device, you will be allowed to download again.

"I'm busy! Can't someone make meal planning and cooking simple and fast?"

Someone who wants to eat healthier, but like most adults, is really busy and doesn’t have time to gather up recipes or write meal plans.

Almost all the recipes can be prepped in 15 minutes or less. And those shopping lists will save time at the store too!

"I'm bored with my food!"

It happens to all of us eventually. We can fall into a food rut, get bored, and need a little inspiration.

If you're already tracking food, you'll appreciate that the macros are listed for each recipe. Or, if you use the MyFitnessPal app, scan the barcode on each recipe instead!

"I'm just getting started with healthy eating. It's overwhelming!"

Experts tell us to "eat healthier", but how do you organize that? How do you know what to buy? (Have you ever bought ALL the veggies but ended up tossing them?)

The sample meal plans provide a starting point for your new healthy food lifestyle!  Once you pick your favorite recipes, you'll have your own ideas, so there is a meal-planning template included. Plus, each recipe lists the calories and macros so you can use that data to plan your meals when you're ready to take tracking to the next level.

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